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Supertunia Mini Vista petunias have taken the gardening world by storm! These small but mighty flowers will amaze you with their strong, full growth and super flower power as they fill the pot and spill down its sides. This recipe will sail into summer, bringing with it the cooling effect of the violet, indigo and white blossoms. Since all three varieties share the same growth habit, they balance beautifully together to create a smoothly rounded combination that stays tidy and vibrant all season without deadheading.

*Best in full sun (6+ hours of sun) to light shade

Supertunia Mini Vista® Indigo Petunia

Deep indigo blossoms ground this recipe in opulence, retaining their dramatic color even in the sunniest of locations. Once spent, the finished blossoms drop cleanly to make room for new blooms. We love how it brings out the stripes in its starry neighbor.

Supertunia Mini Vista® Violet Star Petunia

This patterned petunia injects the fun into the mix with its bicolor violet purple and white, star-patterned blossoms. Even though it is the same size and shape as its companions, its coloring brings the illusion of added texture and depth to the recipe.

Supertunia Mini Vista® White Petunia

With its clear neutral blossoms, this special ingredient marries the others together in a way only the color white can accomplish. Its refreshing tone provides the “mist” in this Misty Seas recipe. If you’re enjoying it on a moonlit night, you might even find that it glows.

option 1:
plant your own combo

Misty Seas planting diagram
2x mini vista® white
2x mini vista® indigo
2x mini vista® violet star

Tip For Success:

When should you water? For petunias, it’s best to keep the soil evenly moist if possible. Don’t wait for them to wilt before you water. That might mean watering once a day, even twice in extreme heat. If planted in the landscape and mulched, they’ll require about an inch of water each week. Water in the morning and at the base of the plants near the roots rather than directly over the foliage.

*This recipe assumes that 4.5″ plants are being used. To make the recipe work using larger plants, you will need to choose a pot that is larger than our suggested size or use fewer plants of each variety in the recipe.

option 2:
purchase a combo to go

The Misty Seas recipe is widely available at retailers across North America. Look for it in hanging baskets and upright patio pots at your favorite local garden center. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Request it by name next time you shop.

option 3:
purchase plants online

If your local retailers aren’t carrying the varieties in the Misty Seas recipe, you can always purchase them online. 

Shop for individual plants.
Shop for the Misty Seas recipe.

Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo petunia

Supertunia Mini Vista® Indigo

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Supertunia Mini Vista White Petunia

Supertunia Mini Vista® White

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Supertunia Mini Vista Violet Star Petunia

Supertunia Mini Vista® Violet Star

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Misty Seas recipe scene
Graceful Grasses Blue Mohawk juncus

Graceful Grasses® Blue Mohawk® Juncus

Misty Seas Recipe with Graceful Grasses Blue Mohawk Thriller

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Misty Seas recipe with Blue Mohawk juncus thriller diagram
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