Grow Some Garden Royalty

  • A modern version of an ancient classic papyrus
  • Huge plumes on sturdy, short 18-30” stalks
  • Blooms from planting time until frost
  • Fun accent plant for containers and landscapes
  • Grows in shallow water and at the pond’s edge
  • Long-lasting in fresh bouquets
  • Grows and blooms well in 4+ hours of sun
  • Pronounced “CY-pruss” or “cy-PEER-us”

Do you recognize the word “papyrus”? History lessons teach how the stems of Cyperus papyrus were used to make a paper-like material for writing scrolls in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. Fast forward to today where this unique aquatic plant has been adapted as a modern ornamental for container combinations and landscapes. What a versatile plant!

Though it retains a strong preference for moist soil and continues to thrive in water gardens, Egyptian papyrus is now adapted to grow well in large containers where it makes a whimsical thriller. Huge umbrella-shaped tassels dance to the slightest breeze, imbuing vitality into your garden design. Clipped for fresh bouquets, the plumes last up to two weeks.

Graceful Grasses Prince Tut papyrus is a mid-sized selection with sturdy stems rising up to 30” tall from large, woody rhizomes. Give it plenty of root space and keep the moisture coming to see fresh plumes rise up all season.

Prefer something taller? Try our six foot tall King Tut® papyrus. Shorter? Baby Tut® tops out at two feet.


Water Gardens

prince tut in the water garden

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Upright Containers

prince tut in upright containers

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Garden Beds

prince tut landscape

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Graceful Grasses® Prince Tut™ Cyperus

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