• Masses of electric magenta purple flowers
  • Non-stop bloom from spring to frost
  • Self-cleaning—no need to remove the spent flowers
  • Versatile in large containers and landscapes
  • One of the most vigorous petunias you can grow
  • Thrives in both warm and cool weather
  • Blooms best in 6+ hours of sun
  • Pronounced “pe-TOON-yuh”

From show-stopping containers to sun-drenched borders begging for blankets of blooms, Supertunia Vista® Jazzberry® petunia delivers in a big way. You may already have met its pink-flowered sister, Supertunia Vista® Bubblegum®. You’ll be happy to know that you can expect the same outstanding garden performance from this new award winner, but in a vivid shade of electric magenta purple.

This petunia’s flowers are so prolific that they completely bury the foliage. And since the plants don’t produce seeds, they bloom non-stop from spring to frost without having to spend your summer picking off the spent blossoms. Couple that with good heat tolerance and an overall low-maintenance vibe and you have a plant capable of captivating an audience.


Hanging Baskets

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Upright Containers

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Garden Beds

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top 3 reasons to grow supertunia vista® jazzberry® petunia

Non-stop color from spring to frost
No need to spend your summer picking off spent blooms. This petunia cleans up after itself and keeps right on going all season.

Incredibly vigorous growth
You will be amazed how quick and massive it’ll grow with a little sunshine and nutrients.

Bragging rights
Save the name of this beauty, because your friends and neighbors will be asking you for it!

supertonic vista jazzberry landscape
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Supertunia Vista® Jazzberry® Petunia

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Supertunia Vista® Jazzberry® Petunia hybrid ‘WNPESVJAZ’ USPPAF, Can PBRAF