A Colorful and Carefree Rose to Brighten Every Day

  • Prismatic color effect in one easy-care rose
  • Blossoms open melon-orange with a cherry red center
  • Transitions to pink and lavender shades
  • Self-cleaning, continuous blooms from summer through fall
  • Highly resistant to black spot and powdery mildew
  • Thrives in 6-8+ hours of sun per day
  • Grows 2-3’ tall x 3’ wide
  • Hardy in USDA Zones 4-8

Roses don’t have to be difficult, and this carefree rose proves it! Ringo All-Star shrub rose is as easy to tend as any other shrub in your landscape. It will retain its healthy, disease resistant foliage all season without any special treatment. It’s no wonder the Royal Horticulture Society named it the Rose of the Year in 2015.

The hits keep on coming when Ringo All-Star rose begins to bloom in the summertime. You won’t need to remove any of the spent flowers for it to continue its color show all the way through fall, but you might want to clip a few for fresh bouquets. Pollinating bees will zero right in on the flowers’ cherry red eye and fluffy yellow anthers when they stop by for a midday snack.


ringo all-star rose


This easy-care rose defies conventional expectations of what a rose needs to flourish in your landscape. If your soil is naturally rich, that’s perfect. But this rose will also thrive in average soil, too. If you’re planting it in a container, use a high quality potting soil that allows water to drain easily.

Roses require full sun to grow and bloom, so choose a spot that receives a minimum of six hours of direct sun per day. If it receives full sun all day, that’s even better.

Ringo All-Star™ rose will need consistent watering, so choose a spot where the hose or sprinkler can reach. Roses are not drought tolerant plants.

When planting, dig the hole about twice as wide but just as deep as the container it is growing in. If the roots are densely circled around when you take the plant out of the pot, loosen them a bit to help break the “root memory”. This will encourage the roots to grow outward instead of continuing in the circular pattern.

Set the plant in the hole, making sure that the top of the rootball is level with the top of the surrounding soil. Then backfill the hole with the soil you dug out and press it down with your hand firmly to eliminate any big air pockets around the roots. Water it in to help the soil settle. Finally, spread some mulch around the plant, taking care to keep it a couple of inches away from the base. The mulch will help to retain the soil moisture and protect the roots during winter.

ringo all-star rose closeup


In early spring as this rose’s leaf buds are beginning to swell, it’s a good idea to cut the whole plant back by about half to one-third its total height. Doing so removes the thinner stems at the top of the plant and ensures that the growth for the new season comes from the heartier buds further down the stems. Don’t sweat exactly where you cut the stems too much. Simply cut right above where a nice, big bud is emerging on the stem.

When you prune your roses in spring, feed them with a granular rose food. This will help them start the new season off right with plenty of nutrients to support the new growth. ​

Ringo All-Star is a self-cleaning rose, meaning its spent flowers will naturally drop their petals. New flowers will form on the stems whether or not you remove the old blossoms, but you could choose to do so for sake of appearance.

ringo all-star rose uses

  • The full shape, vigorous growth and excellent disease resistance of Ringo All-Star rose makes it easy to grow along with other perennials and shrubs in flower borders. If you have a separate spot in your landscape where you tend to group all of your roses, this will be a shining star among them. It can also be incorporated into foundation plantings.
  • This rose grows well in containers, too. Choose a large pot that will provide ample space for its roots and make sure there is at least one drainage hole in the bottom. Use a good quality potting soil, water regularly, and feed every 4-6 weeks to encourage all-season bloom.
  • Of course, roses are classic cut flowers. Since Ringo All-Star rose produces flowers continually all season, there will be plenty to clip and share with friends. Pick them when their buds are plump and just beginning to open to make your bouquet last longer.
ringo all-star rose

top 3 reasons to grow
Ringo All-Star™ Rose

A perpetual display of showy blooms offers a kaleidoscope of color all summer long.

A cherry red bullseye around the fluffy bunch of yellow stamens in the center of each single blossom acts as a magnet for pollinators.

This gorgeous rose embodies effortless beauty from start to finish—no spraying needed. Just give it some sunshine and watch it thrive.

ringo all star rose used as an edible flower
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