Nothing Less than Elegant

  • Striking foliage plant for sun and shade
  • Soft white foliage glows in low light
  • Grows beautifully in containers and landscapes
  • 15-20” tall x 8-10” spread
  • Grown as an annual everywhere except USDA Zones 10-11
  • Pronounced “Cuh-LAY-dee-um”

Bring the beauty of the tropics home when you grow this boldly elegant caladium. Whether you are trying to create a relaxing vacation-like atmosphere on your deck or need something different for your window boxes, ‘White Wonder’ will work perfectly. Its broadly textured leaves help it pair easily with more finely textured plants like ferns, impatiens and coleus. One of the best times of day to appreciate this plant is in the evening when its soft white coloring glows in the moonlight.

How to Grow Caladiums

Whether you like to grow caladiums from bulbs or prefer buying sprouted caladium plants, we’ve got you covered with tips for successfully growing your caladiums. Just choose your preferred method below and follow the link to the instruction page.

caladium bulbs

Growing Caladiums from Bulbs

You might like to grow caladiums from bulbs rather than buying sprouted caladium plants if you enjoy the experience of growing things from seeds or roots, and you’re not looking for instant impact.

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white wonder caladium branded container

Growing Caladiums from Sprouted Plants

If you live where the growing season is relatively short or want plants with instant impact, you may prefer to purchase your caladium as live plant in a container.

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Uses for Caladiums

Caladiums are incredibly versatile plants for all sorts of containers and garden beds outdoors. They also make fun houseplants to help you get through a few months of the winter blues. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

caladium bulbs


Heart to Heart caladiums make unique, bold “thrillers” in container recipes when paired with shorter, mounded to trailing plants. A container filled with lush caladiums is an amazing sight!

The white shades of ‘White Wonder’, make it easy to pair with any other color. Add more white flowering or silver foliage plants to grow a mini moon garden in a container. Mix with red and blue flowers for a patriotic recipe. Pair it with soft pinks, corals and chartreuse to make a refreshing summer combination. Find dozens of caladium container recipes here.

white wonder caladium landscape

Garden Beds

Pep up your shade garden by poking a few caladiums in among your hostas, or mass a whole bunch in an underused area of your landscape. Their broad, colorful foliage makes a quick and striking impact.

Once established, caladiums need only average amounts of water similar to the rest of the plants in your garden. Take care to match the sun/shade preferences of your new caladium to the planting site. Since there are caladium varieties that grow in both sun and shade, it should be easy to find one that fits.

white wonder caladium indoors


Near the end of the season when outdoor temperatures begin to consistently fall below 60°F, it is time to move your caladium plants indoors if you want to keep them actively growing. It’s possible to continue to grow them as a houseplant for at least a few months until they naturally enter a resting period.

Choose a place indoors that receives bright indirect light. Set the pot on a saucer filled with pebbles and water to keep the humidity up around the plant. Caladiums need humidity to thrive, so a bright bathroom might be the perfect spot for them.

If you purchase your caladium plant in the fall or winter, do your best to keep it warm until you get home and bring it right inside. Do not let it sit in your cold car for any amount of time. This is similar to how you should treat poinsettias.

“This plant is unbelievably beautiful and has grown so big and healthy. It is in the Florida sun all day and I mean hot direct sun all day! I am so happy with it and highly recommend it.”

-Jane, Cape Coral, Florida

top 3 reasons to grow Heart to Heart® ‘White Wonder’ Caladium

There are so many uses for caladiums in sun and shade, in containers and landscapes. Try them all.

Just when it’s time for you to head indoors for some A/C, your caladiums will be loving the heat.

When is the last time you tried growing something different? It’s time to change things up with these flashy foliage plants.

white wonder caladium front porch
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